Valentina Pérez García


Spectrogram Image

Figure: Spectrogram Image

Bioacoustics Monitoring

This research involves a non-invasive approach to evaluate the effectiveness of coral reef restoration. It focuses on degraded coral reefs undergoing restoration and conducts a quantitative study centered on the daily variations in acoustic patterns. The study area encompasses Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, specifically Punta Tampico, Punta Maguey, and Punta Melones. Through meticulous analysis involving spectrograms and the quantification of phonic richness, the Acoustic Complexity Index (ACI), and Sound Pressure Level (SPL), unique acoustic characteristics associated with each study location are uncovered. These findings underscore that every reef boasts an individual sonic identity despite similarities. This research contributes to a deeper comprehension of how coral restoration efforts contribute to the revival of the acoustic landscape.

Lichen Growth on Tree Bark

Figure: Lichen Growth on Tree Bark

Assessing Lichen Diversity

Lichens, spanning diverse environments from arid regions to rainforests, function as pollution monitors and ecosystem contributors. Despite their importance, their ecological role, particularly in tropical wetlands, remains somewhat elusive. This study focuses on quantifying species diversity among epiphytic lichens in Puerto Rico Coastal Mangrove Forest (PRCMF). Data collection occurs monthly through direct observation and subsequent photographic analysis, which is then correlated with environmental variables such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, and soil parameters. The resulting quantitative analysis aims to deepen our understanding of the PRCMF ecosystem.


I am an undergraduate student in the Department of Biology, actively engaged in research within both the Mercado Lab and Paleo Ecology Lab at Ana G. Méndez University, Gurabo Campus. My pursuits are driven by a profound interest in a diverse range of environmental monitoring research, spanning disciplines such as Soundscape Ecology and Lichenology.